Drone (UAS) Surveying

See the Bigger Picture

It’s the wealth of functionality and accessibility offered by drones which are really building innovation and influence in the construction industry. In fact, using drones for surveying and mapping is only the start when it comes to the range of services a drone can provide in the construction industry:

  • Initial site survey and measurement
    Accessibility and accuracy are helping drones to establish their role in surveying and the reproduction of accurate measuring. This has particular applications for initial surveys, when access to all parts of the site may not be possible. Footage from initial surveys also helps to inform impact assessments and provide historical records.
  • Construction mapping and 3D modelling
    Alongside surveys, innovation in drone software systems allow accurate contour maps and 3D models to be produced, based on footage and data gathered:

    • The process of high-resolution aerial imagery (Orthomosaics) 3D modelling comes in various formats but essentially enables images of the whole project area to be captured and merged into a comprehensive model of the area.
    • 2D images can also be generated based on the mapping technology.
    • Whilst 3D imagery offers full model benefits, 2D images allow accurate measurements and adjustment.
  • Progress monitoring
    Many of the latest drone systems incorporate real-time monitoring, for enhanced security and in-the-moment evaluation, response and planning. Drones make the production of weekly progress maps far quicker, easier and less costly than traditional ways. They also facilitate greater and easier information exchanges between construction companies and their clients, boosting overall efficiency and communication.

Mind the Red Tape

Our Drone Pilots are CAA qualified with the legally required PLI in place. All drone work will be proceeded with a pre-site survey, on-site survey and RAMS.

Drone flights are subject to location and weather in all instances but can save you time, save you money and improve safety for your workers while delivering excellent and repeatable results time and time again.

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