Design & Building

Building & Finishing Services

Developing and enhancing your property is a very exciting and rewarding experience which can transform your work or living space and add significant value.

At Carter Construction, we will ease you through the complete process of converting and developing your home or office, from start to finish.

We will develop your ideas and create exceptional, yet practical, designs for your residential or commercial property.  After working out the finer details together, your experienced project manager will coordinate our friendly and experienced team to turn your ideas into reality.

Residential & Commercial

Specialists in both home and office developments, Carter Construction brings a fresh approach to the building industry.

We’re proud of our reputation for providing customers across Kent, South East England and London with exceptional quality residential and commercial property developments.

Our professional property development team are trusted hands to professionally guide you through the complete range of building design, build and maintenance services.

Environmental Benefits

We realise that we have a responsibility towards encouraging efficient energy to minimise the impact on our environment.

We recognise the fact that environmental issues affect both our customers and our company, financially and ecologically, and we are committed to reducing the environmental effects of both our on-site work, and the ongoing legacy of our installations.

  • 30-50% savings in energy costs every day, year after year
  • Better interior air quality due to the elimination of materials containing volatile solvents
  • Reduced healthcare costs, absenteeism, and higher productivity of employees due to better air quality and ventilation
  • Maximum use of natural daylight with reduced number and size of lighting fixtures needed
  • Ease of renting and selling, and when sold, command a premium over conventional construction
  • Encouragement of further sustainable development within the community

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